Various paths, one goal:
Maximum protection for
your success.

To ensure the success of your innovations, we offer a wide range of services. These include, above all, the preparation, filing and enforcement of patent applications, trademarks as well as designs – both in Germany and abroad.
We conduct novelty searches and prepare freedom-to-operate analyses (FTO analyses) for you. Upon request, we can provide you with expert opinions on patentability, validity and possible infringements. In addition, we develop suitable IP strategies for you or your company, manage IP portfolios and monitor both applications and IP rights of your competitors.

Patents/Utility Models



Employee Inventions Act

Expert Opinions

Defence and Enforcement of your Rights

In legal disputes and court proceedings, we support you as a client as well as the attorneys acting for you. For foreign (patent) law firms and companies, we file European patent applications, EU trade marks and Community designs as well as national patent, trademark and design applications and represent them before the respective offices. And to ensure that your rights do not expire unintentionally, we offer monitoring and renewal fee services.
No matter how we may support you – to us, personal trust and advice at eye level are the solid basis of a business relationship based on partnership.