Patents/utility models

Patents and utility models protect your technical inventions, once they are new, inventive and commercially applicable.
Working with patents is one of the core areas of our practice as patent attorneys. Our services in this area include:

Novelty searches and patentability opinions

Drafting, filing and prosecution of patent applications in Germany, Europe and worldwide

Freedom-to-operate analyses (FTO analyses)

Expert opinions on legal validity

Reviews and opinions on patent infringement

Conducting infringement proceedings/prosecuting patent infringements or defence against patent infringement claims

Preparation, filing and prosecution of oppositions in all jurisdictions

Representation in revocation and cancellation proceedings

Representation of unitary patents and proceedings before the Unified Patent Court

Strategic patent consulting, development of patent strategies

Validation of European patents in Germany and as unitary patents

Patent portfolio management

Monitoring and payment of annual fees

Licence agreements

In order to assess the prospects of a patent application, it is advisable to conduct a search in advance in order to define the possible scope of protection and to delimitate the invention over third party intellectual property rights. In addition, we conduct searches to determine whether a planned product is affected by third party IP rights and, if necessary, prepare freedom-to-operate analyses (FTO analyses).
For patent protection, an application is to be filed with the relevant patent office. We prepare patent and utility model applications for you with a detailed technical description of the invention. Since application documents may only be amended within very narrow limits in the further proceedings, detailed and conscientious preparation is indispensable already at the filing stage. The patent attorneys of our firm are qualified as engineers, material scientists or chemists in the various technical fields. In close co-operation with you, we will draft a substantive description of your invention and represent you in the proceedings before the patent office in order to achieve optimal protection of your invention.
International filings
In addition to our work before the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA), we also protect your inventions abroad. As European Patent Attorneys, we represent you before the European Patent Office (EPO), where patent protection can be obtained for a large number of European countries, and before WIPO, the international authority i. a. responsible for international patent applications. For patent protection in all other countries, we co-operate with specialised, experienced foreign colleagues to represent your interests and to secure your rights. With the launch of the unitary patent, we can gain unitary effect for you in a large number of European countries and achieve a revocation of unitary patents as well as for respective European Patents.
Defence and enforcement of patents and utility models
Subsequent to the grant of a patent, we advise you when your property right is attacked and, if necessary, represent you in opposition, cancellation or revocation proceedings before the respective patent offices and courts.

In questions of infringement of a patent or utility model, we provide you with legal advice and prepare infringement opinions. Together with colleagues qualified to practise before the civil courts, we represent your interests both as the proprietor of the IP right and as the alleged infringer. In the Europe-wide enforcement of your claims, we represent you before the Unified Patent Court (UPC).

Licence agreements
Contracts on the use of patents, in particular licence agreements, are an essential factor for the utilisation of your IP rights. Our experienced patent attorneys represent your interests, draft appropriate contracts and support you in negotiations.
Patent or utility model?
Patents and utility models are technical intellectual property rights. A patent is thoroughly examined, whereas utility models are registered without substantive examination. We advise you on which type of IP right is most suitable for your subject-matter and your specific situation.