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Wenzel & Kalkoff

In 1974, Mr. Wenzel merged his office with that of Heinz-Dieter Kalkoff who ran a practice in Witten, to form a transregional partnership, which since 1978 had been run under the name of Wenzel & Kalkoff.

With structural changes swiftly progressing, the scope of our mandates has changed as well. New companies now augment the already existing mandates. Among our clients today are suppliers for the motor car industry, manufacturers of electronic and electro-technical components, companies in the field of IT as well as medical and orthopaedic technology, suppliers of structure protection products, enterprises in the field of environmental engineering as well as service providers with a broad range of trademarks.

Further associates, Ute Stork and Stephan Bamberger in Hamburg, joined the partnership, extending it in order to ensure an uninterrupted continuation of the services to our clients on the level of long-established quality standards and in a broad technical field.

In order to be able to continue this thriving development and the constant growth of both domestic and overseas clientele in the future, in 2012 the partners have jointly decided to continue the two offices in Hamburg and Dortmund independently.